Discover Mumbai

Gateway of India:

Gateway of India

The Gateway of India is a major tourist hub in the city, which is located at Apollo Bunder Waterfront facing the Arabian Sea in Southern Mumbai. This monument was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Mumbai and years later, the last horde of British left India through this gateway. Be it early morning or late night, Gateway of India remains bustling and lively with, tourists and locals alike, this Landmark attracts vendors, food stalls and photographers, the gateway and its stroll spare a incredible view of the boat-studded sea and is the connecting point for boat rides to and from the prominent Elephanta Caves a perfect setting for a leisurely escape in Mumbai.

Mumbai Fashion Street:

Mumbai Fashion Street

Mumbai street shopping is one of the favorite shopping hubs for the people of Mumbaikars and Tourists. This roadside shopping street has more than 100 small shops, where chic, trade surplus clothing and fashion accessories are available for unbelievable prices. Fashion acquainted college students and enthusiastic shoppers are quite often captivated by the collection of ready-made garments, footwear's and knickknack available here. From traditional & western dresses to colorful bangles / bracelets and state-of- the-art gadgets, Fashion Street is more than just a regular market. Jewelry can also be found bountifully here. If you know how to bargain, this energetic flea marketers, then it is a right kind of a place for you to shop.

Asiatic Society of Mumbai:


Town Hall is one of the living indications of Victorian Bombay. This primitive building was architect in 1833 with funds from the Literary Society of Bombay and central government. The Town Hall houses the 'Asiatic society of Bombay' (Mumbai), which is a public state library in the Mumbai city. Consequently, the structure is considered as a storage facility of data because it has brags of more than 800000 antique volumes, of which 15000 are noted to be valuable and rare. The objective behind the preservation of this Hall is to rouse research and to treasure the literature's, sciences and oriental arts. Genuinely architectural marvel, the Town Hall is a popular tourist attraction.

Chor Bazar:

Chor Bazar

Mumbai's Chor Bazaar is one of the biggest, clamoring second hand markets in India. It is situated near South Bombay’s swarmed Bhendi Bazaar. This is one of the most interesting crowded streets in Bombay and can be a little overwhelming. This market is stocked up with antique and vintage second-hand products. These are purchased as home decor or are hired by producers for shoots or by collectors. You will get all you want here, from spare tires to vintage lamps, clocks to unique Bollywood posters. Aside from that, it is fun to chase for a deal & carry out something unique from one of alternate stores.

Marine Drive:


Marine Drive arcs is a 3 km long in South Mumbai, along the shore of the Arabian Sea from Nariman Point past Girgaum chowpaty and proceeds to the foot of Malabar Hill. Marine Drive is prevalently known as Queen's Necklace. The changing of its dazzling streetlights from diamonds (white light) to gold (yellow lights). Marine Drive sparkles in the night giving a spectacular view of the sunset over the Arabian Sea. People come here to take a leisurely stroll by the sea any time of the day or night. The amazing feeling of cold breeze, wave sounds, a view of the Mumbai horizon and the starry sky easily make Marine Drive one of the most romantic spots in the city.

Knesset Eliyahoo Synagogue:

Knesset Eliyahoo Synagogue

The Knesset Eliyahoo Synagogue standing tall and proud in the bylanes of Kala Ghoda, South Mumbai is as stunning as its history it holds. As we stepped into this Jewish temple in all its glory and unearthed a new, almost hidden aspect of Mumbai. Keneseth was a prominent philanthropists of Jewish origin who was settled here and this beautiful building is in the memory of this man. Built in 1884 by Jacob Elias Sassoon and his brothers, this absolutely stunning structure still maintains its glory with the blue mosaic work, full of chandeliers, pillars and a very Victorian aesthetic and beautiful glass work inside. The heavy security and maintenance work by the Jewish community is noticeable when you enter the place and get surprised by the cleanliness and order of things. A coveted Jewish established, this place of worship is of Sephardic Rite and will sure be different from any invocation experience you've ever had.

Prince of Wales Museum:

Prince of Wales Museum

The Prince of Wales Museum, now it is known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya the popular museum in Mumbai. It was established in the early 20th century. This historical center is among best heritage in Mumbai because of its best style of architecture. This Museum is one of the most significant historical center in India as well as in the world. The museum holds wide and various collections of Ancient Artworks, Sculptures and antiquities in galleries. Regular exhibitions and lectures on several topics that are held inside the gallery. During 1st World war, this museum was converted into a military hospital and it was served as a Children's Welfare centre. For the lovers of art the Prince of Wales Museum Mumbai, one of the best tourist places in India. Make it a point to visit this glorious heritage building and to explore the various antiquated artifacts preserved within this museum.

Kala Ghoda Arts Fest:

Kala Ghoda Arts Fest

The Kala Ghoda Arts Fest is the country's largest multicultural festival, created to draw attention to the unique and beautiful areas in Mumbai. , Maharashtra. This art Fest is spread across and around the vibrant Kala Ghoda district. Held every year on the first Saturday of February for nine days long exhibition. Aspiring artists started to set up their work on the streets in expectations of getting a passing collector’s notice, while a large number of private galleries began exhibiting some of the best art that was found in India. All made out of waste materials like plastic / glass bottles or fabrics can be utilized to create a new meaning out of anything. Several stalls display a kaleidoscopic mix of articles, children's events, Dance, Food, Heritage Walks, Literature, Music and mostly handicrafts for sale. This Festival is one of the most awaited Art Festivals and it draws visitors in large numbers, not just from the city, but from all over the country and around the world.